a woman’s vanishing point

“Jet’s absence is inevitably present. Suddenly, the house has become silent. That which remains: the smell of rosemary, piled-up boxes, a work unfinished”

A poetic film installation (2023)

Publication: Het verdwijnpunt van een vrouw
Dutch. Edition of 3, Hennep Hahnemühle Paper
Design: Naomi van Kleef & Ruth van Mourik

Film: Het verdwijnpunt van een vrouw
Duration: 15:20 min |
Dutch, English Subtitles
Installation: Naomi van Kleef & Anne Kloosterhuis

Textile work: Triptych, (2023)
Henriëtte Vics-Teensma

A special thanks to: Marte Bosma, Cees, Anne Kloosterhuis, Simon Coops, Viana Afamou, Jentel Schietekatte, Nina Miege, the Singing Club


On the occasion of the exhibition I bundled my poetry into a work in an edition of 3

After summer, I want to work on an official publication, for which I am still looking for a publisher.

Preorders will be available. If interested, contact me by email: ngrvankleef@gmail.com

Play, by Women Connected

The stories keep talking to us, so how do we listen?

Thesis for Bachelor in Cultural Analysis, June 2023, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Community theatre creates a space for stories which come directly from lived experiences that otherwise do not find their way on stage as easily. This thesis acts as an in-depth examination of the practices of listening as vital to the practice of the community art theatre of the organisation Women Connected. The question I ask is: how do we listen to stories of women?

Through 2 months of ethnographic research, following the process of both rehearsal and performance, this paper seeks to show how listening plays an important role in the way voices are valued within democracy.


Selection of portraits